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Over the years, South American plastic surgeons have built a solid and well-deserved reputation as their work has become the main beauty sign famous Latins have achieved in the hands of these innovative Latino doctors.

The combination of physical exercises and skin care, as well as small touches of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine are essential to avoid leading us to major surgeries that inevitably leave stigmas typically inherited from operating techniques, especially in the face where often surgical approaches are quite impossible to do any other way.

We are a clinic with a minimally invasive approach for people who do not have the time or age to have major surgeries.
Our procedures never exceed a maximum recovery time of 3-5 days the most and for that, we are extremely selective when it comes to approving a patient’s visit.

The operating “battery”, combinations, and mixed procedures developed by our group of specialists are working wonders in the benefits offered both women and men in the sense of erasing first aging signs, lines, some flaccidity, poor inner gluteus development, deterioration of fatty tissues in derrieres, face sculpting through Bioplasty, tiny elimination of redundant skin, eyelids, breast light support through Bulgarian Serdev threads and areolas reduction, rhinoplasties when well appropriated may be approached purely by Bioplasty.

There is a vast amount of procedures that are aimed to solve out your tiny problem within a short time with a minimum traumatic evidence,

We look forward to hear about your needs, helping us to evaluate your cases by adding photos and clear explanations of what your needs might be.

Why aren't our doctors on the Internet? (click or tap)

If you are looking for information online about our specialists who are duly board certified in Colombia, chances are, you are not likely to find them.

In order to protect the investments in training their medical staff locally and abroad, directors/owners of this center have issued a full-time exclusive contract which doesn’t allow doctors who work for them to promote their services independently preventing them from reaching private agreements with those patients that try driving them into corrupt practices that affect our reputation.

Some pictures of our facilities in Bogota, Bucaramanga and Baranquilla.

Bogota is the preferred destination for international patients.

Medical Boards and Societies

Our specialists belong to one or more of the following boards and medical societies

Medical Boards and Societies

Our specialists belong to one or more of the following boards and medical societies

Union Internationale
Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugia Plastica Estetica y Recontrustiva
Federacion Ibero Latinoamericana
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