The importance of adding hips to our figure

The trend to increase the volume of the gluteal region began decades ago and has basically focused on projecting buttocks backwards without taking into account their lateral counterpart represented by the hips. The great load deposited in the posterior area has led to...

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The wrong way to sit flattens the butt

The current sedentary life, the endless hours sitting in front of a computer, leads to the gluteal tissues compacting producing a flattening of the area; it is not a theoretical approach, it is a reality. So much time with inactive buttocks takes its toll. In our...

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Multifactorial Minimally Invasive Trending Facials

The minimally invasive facials are trendy, especially designed for people in their best years and in search of perfection of their features, without contemplating surgery. There are multiple small corrections that radically influence the embellishment of the face....

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