Are you not being told the truth behind PMMA?

Have you an idea of the number of tissue fillers that once were FDA approved, yet not anymore? Have you an idea of the number of substances that changed their names and are used only in Europe without FDA approval? Are you looking for something especially designed for...

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Bioplasty: How does it work?

What is volume made of if not contouring, firmness and definition?   It is our aim to clarify misunderstandings, doubts and dissipate those unfounded fears that exist about this dermal filler, all of them having arisen from the disinformation due to publications...

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The Dilemmas when opting for Gluteal Enhancement

“I want to do my glutes but if I do not stay like the Kardashian I prefer not to do anything” “I want to go to Colombia where there are experts in butt bioplasty but here in my country there is a “lady” who does the procedure for a fraction of the cost” “I like how...

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How to Get Perfect Glutes

We all love to have a perfect body, and there are some of us who will go the extra mile in order to get that ideal look. Within the evolving beauty paradigm, lot of attention is been drawn to the derriere nowadays. In order to have fuller, well-shaped and balanced...

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