Safe solutions to increase your glutes with a natural look


Buttocks Bioplasty (Bioplastia in Spanish and Portuguese) is all about the enhancement and reshaping of the glutes which in many cases suffer mass loss due to aging, dieting, lack of exercise, etc.

Bioplasty involves a minimally invasive technique for Buttocks Augmentation that consists of injecting controlled quantities of a highly reticulated, third-generation biocompatible tissue filler; a professional joint effort with the goal of improving the substance originally developed in Brazil 30 years ago.

Contrary to popular belief, Brazilian Butt Lifts (i.e fat grafting or fat transfer) require a different approach whereby liposuction fat will be harvested prior lipo transferring. People who do not have sufficient adipose tissues find it difficult to achieve some relevance of their derriere. Clandestine silicone butt shots have become such a serious public health concern that American doctors created the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) narrative to avoid being compared with illegal injectors. However, both procedures are equally ineffective.

On the one hand, fatty tissues from a slim lady will not be useful to produce any successful results towards buttocks enhancement unless treating such cases with stackable agents to improve scarce natural resources; on the other, silicone shots aiming for buttocks augmentation are an extremely risky and unsafe procedure.

Bioplasty uses a biocompatible, cutting-edge filling substance which has a friendly interaction with the human body that contains microspheres of a special material called PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate).

PMMA has one of the highest degrees of compatibility with the human body being used in a variety of medical applications such as cataract surgery (intraocular lenses are made of PMMA) and orthopedic surgery.

PMMA microspheres used in Bioplasty must be perfectly round and have an average diameter of 40μm, smaller than the width of a human hair yet large enough to escape phagocytosis, hence avoiding being eliminated by the body; in the presence of these PMMA microspheres the body starts producing new collagen.

PMMA microspheres are carried by a gel acting as a vehicle to transport microspheres called Carboxymethylcellulose which is a safe biocompatible substance that is gradually reabsorbed by the body yet being the stimuli needed to produce stronger inner links of connective tissue.


What is there for ladies who already had synthetic injections done elsewhere or lipotransfers that didn’t go that far?


Once synthetic injections are done, we never recommend trying to remove the inert filling material being that the process is quite cumbersome and dangerous; usually the encapsulation of this synthetic substance never takes place symmetrically hence needing substantial correction.

Results of injecting synthetic substances like silicone may be acceptable at first however over time those inert material become a dead weight being impossible for the body getting rid of it; as a consequence procedure ages badly with all kinds of side effects, one of them, the unsightly vanishing of the gluteal sulcus (fold) caused by the pull of gravity force, particularly in those ladies with massive backsides.

Our approach for the aforementioned cases is using an optimized lipotransfer procedure in conjunction with polylactic meshing, lipolisis of buttocks surroundings, inner nourishing factors of regenerative instilled serums,personalized strategies for each person.

Polylactic meshing triggers new connective tissue formation for greater support, contour, shape recovery and in general optimizing the whole buttocks area.


Key factors for a successful Bioplasty:

  • Duly certified cosmetic surgeon
  • Duly certified PMMA
  • Medical protocols and sculpting skills using restricted PMMA amount as opposed to stuffing/cramming substance without a professional criteria.

Final goals to be met by Buttock Bioplasty contemplate overall buttocks enhancement, which involves projection, definition, shaping, hips smooth enhancement and firmness.


A term that has become popular over the past years is “Butt Shots”, but this has nothing to do with Buttock Bioplasty.

This pseudo-procedure is nothing but silicone shots whereas Bioplasty by PMMA done by qualified cosmetic surgeons, is about using the correct biocompatible tissue filler within medical standards.

Some of our Buttocks Bioplasty cases

Note: Each individual patient has their own characteristics and body frames varies widely between people hence no guarantees can be made about actual results

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