Cosmetic Surgery Gallery (Before/After photos of actual patients treated at our clinic)



Welcome to our Before and After photo gallery of several cosmetic surgery cases we have performed on patients that visit us.

Post-op photos are shown, to visualize the pre-op one simply click or tap over the image, click again to restore the post-op photo.

It is very important keeping in mind that these are representative cases, cosmetic surgery is not mathematics; actual results will vary from patient to patient, as no two human beings are created equal.

No guarantees about an individual’s result can or should be made based on these images; we consider unethical doing so. The fact no two patients are exactly alike, requires evaluating each case individually through clear pictures taken from different angles and in a well illuminated environment. We provided a comprehensive contact form for the purpose.

It is necessary bearing in mind cosmetic surgery is not a product that a consumer can buy as if buying a dress but a service provided by skilled professionals that strive to offer patients their experience always adhering to strict medical protocols and standards.

If you would like to see example of before/after photos please click: